Pocket Journals for LDS Sister Missionaries

Capture the happiest moments in the moment with a Small and Simple Moments pocket journal.  Get yours here.

Hello Sister Missionary!  These small journals are intended for only the joyful, funny, amazing, happy moments that occur in your day.  Supplemented with inspirational scriptures and sister-missionary-focused quotes, it is waiting for the addition of your own special moments.  Designed to strengthen, uplift, and help you see the Lord's hand in the Work, this small record-this collection of your tender mercies-will become a treasured keepsake.

The durable, hardbound journals are:

・printed on acid-free paper

・available in 4 beautiful covers

・sized at 4.25 in x 5.25 in.

They tuck easily into a pocket, proselyting bag, or scripture case so that you can capture your happiest moments in the moment.

Order yours here today!



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