Bro and Sis C in Erlensee at 10:15 pm

Sister W and I received a referral from Temple Square - the only one I had received my whole mission - so we were pretty excited. We had a name and address, but no phone number. The referred family lived in a small village outside of town. We had never been out there and didn't know what the travel time would be. We had to take the strassenbahn to the bus station, then transfer to an out of town bus to get there.  Once we arrived in Erlensee, we had to walk several blocks from the bus stop to get to their house. No one was home, so we knocked on a few doors with no success.  It was getting late. We decided to head back. We realized we'd have to run to catch the last bus back to town for the night. Just as we rounded the corner at the bus stop, we watched the bus pull away. We were feeling kind of frantic. It was cold, it had gotten dark, and no cell phone back then. We said a prayer and set out to find a phone booth.  It took us several minutes, but when we did, we called our ward mission leader. He and his dear wife GOT THEIR TODDLER OUT OF BED and drove out and picked us up. I'm sure it was inconvenient for them, but they were so kind and seemed so pleased that we had called THEM(!).   Sister W and I were so, so relieved happy to see them and so grateful for righteous leaders who serve so happily without complaint. I committed to be that kind of person. So...shout out to Bro. and Sis. C!  

Have you had someone cheerfully help you out of a seemingly impossible situation?  

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