Miriam Eating An Atomic Fireball

Miriam was a member in the German branch in my second area. 

She was a young adult with a strong testimony and came on exchanges with us often.  She made us laugh and helped us learn the language and was just fun to be around. 

 One afternoon when she was out with us, and my companion Schwester W had received a care package from home with atomic fireballs in it.  Miriam had never heard of them, much less ever had one. 

I had never had one, but I knew enough to pass on them.  Miriam however insisted she wanted to try one. So Schwester W warned her and offered her one.  

And it was hilarious!  

Miriam was laughing so hard tears were running down her face, but she was determined to finish it.  She couldn't do it.  

She was always so fun to be with.  I always felt uplifted after being with her and more resolved to find people who could help to strengthen the Church for her.  

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