Mission Snapshot: Denmark Copenhagen Mission

Thanks to @richvintagephoto for the information on the Denmark Copenhagen Mission!
Some fun Danish facts, 
  • The church currently has only around 4,500 members divided into two stakes. The church grows very slowly in Denmark (and in reality, is shrinking), as it is common for Danish youth to marry and emigrate. 
  • As many as 26,000 Danes were baptized in the early stages of the church, and 14,000 members eventually left Denmark to travel to Utah and the USA by 1920. Denmark supplied the second most immigrants to Utah during the early call to Zion [behind Great Britain], and you can see the strong Danish influence in many settlements throughout Utah, and mainly Sanpete County.
  • Danes love to chill or "hygge" pronounced "hoo-ga." It typically requires lots of candles, good food and even better company. These times of hygge can last many hours with deep conversations.
  • The traditional Christmas dish of Flæskesteg is a missionary favorite. It comprises of a flank of pork roast, with the outer rind still intact. The outer skin is sliced down almost to the meat where salt is massaged into the slices. When served out of the oven, it crackles. Red cabbage and golden caramelized potatoes are served with the port roast. Wow. I am getting hungry for it. 
  • Typically, there are around 100 missionaries in Denmark. 
  • The Danish language is consistently rated one of the most difficult languages to learn as the pronunciation is extremely difficult for non-Danes. The natives usually have a difficult time understanding foreigners because of this difficulty. On my mission, I found that my mastery of the pronunciation was key to get people to listen. Over the past 22 years, I have tried to keep my Danish language skills up to par as I hope to return as a senior missionary one day.
  • While Danes may be a bit standoffish to newcomers, once you get to know them they are the most sincere people I know. Hard shell on the outside, soft on the inside. 
  • The Danish Flag, or Dannebrog, is the world's oldest flag, being first used in 1219.
A view from a canal boat looking up to colorful and famous Nyhavn harbor. 
Cows in Denmark
Admiring a field of cows on the Danish island of Als near the southern border with Germany.
Christus statue - Denmark
Here I am beside the original Christus statue by Danish sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsen. This was my first day in Denmark. You may recognize it. If you get close enough to look directly in the eyes of Christ, you will be in the embrace of his arms.
Den Gamle By in Aarhus, Denmark
Visiting Den Gamle By, or the Old City, in Aarhus, Denmark.
Kronborg Castle
In front of Kronborg Castle which is located in Helsignør, Denmark. This castle was the setting of Hamlet's castle in the Shakespearean play "Hamlet."
Amelienborg, Denmark, the Queen's Residence
A portrait of the Queen's Residence, Amelienborg, in Copenhagen.
Danish winter
Staying warm and sane in the crazy winter snows by Roskilde's Domkirke. Most Danish royalty is buried in this cathedral, as will the current Danish Queen Margrethe when she passes.

    Lutheran church Aalborg
    Standing in front of a typical small Lutheran Church in Aalborg, Denmark.

      View from the tower of Vor Frelsors Kirke (Our Savior's Church) in Copenhagen
      View from the tower of Vor Frelsors Kirke (Our Savior's Church) in Copenhagen. 
      Denmark is next to Germany. When I was serving in Sønderborg my cousin and best friend from childhood, Shane, was serving in Hamburg, Germany (neighboring mission). My mission president called me up one day and asked if I would like to see my cousin in Germany. Of course! A member from our branch drove us across the border to Flensburg Germany were his 3 office companions and my companion had a 6 missionary get together. We ate at McDonald's for lunch and for dinner! A great experience. 


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