Mission Snapshot: Russia Moscow Mission

Welcome to the Russia Moscow Mission! In all Russian missions, the church has taken extra precaution to ensure our safety and the safety of our members by referring to us as volunteers. But our purpose is the same!❤️

Red Square Moscow

President Nelson just announced the first Russian temple! The location is still to be determined.


Zelenograd- Green city

🎄New Year’s Day is probably the biggest holiday in Russia. They often celebrate with a variety of traditional salads and other foods, and receive gifts from Father Frost.

Russian Orthodox temple in the center of Voronezh.

The Moscow Metro 🚇 is larger than the New York and London metros combined.

LDS Church building in Voronezh- it was once a Soviet movie theater!

Maslenitsa is a holiday that I won’t pretend to fully understand, there is a lot of history behind it. But a basic definition: It’s a farewell to winter! Russians eat blini (similar to crepes) which are symbolic of the sun ☀️ to usher in spring.


While serving in Russia we were required to leave the country on visa trips every 3 months. I only ever went to Latvia. It’s beautiful! Even just from the airport.👍


I love our Russian brothers and sisters! I love our youth. I made dear friends—Russians, members, and volunteers alike—who helped me find joy in the Lord’s work. There is so much happiness to be found in this life. And the lasting happiness comes from the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


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