Missionary Mom Highlight --Stephi Johnson

My oldest daughter is currently serving in the New Mexico Albuquerque Mission- July 2017-December 2018.

Sister Johnson

One of my favorite memories or experiences associated with having a missionary serving has been the blessings that have come since she received her call. 

Rebekah Johnson's mission call

One particular experience:  My husband had to commute 75 miles each way to get to work.  The summer our daughter was to leave on her mission was the summer we were going to try and move closer to his work.  We had not been able to sell our house for 3 years.  We had taken it off the market and were going to try again in the spring of 2017.  Our daughter, Bekah, received her call in March of 2017.  We put the house on the market that spring and the house sold in 4 days!!!

We also had to find temporary housing because we didn’t have a place to live and needed to be out of our house by closing.  We were looking at other employment in another state and didn’t want to commit to anything long term because we weren’t sure if we would be moving again. Two weeks before we closed on our house we bought an RV, to live in!  A week before we closed some friends of a friend had a 5000 SQ ft house with acreage (we have horses, chickens etc) that we could rent month to most with no contract!

My husband did get the job in the other state.  It is the job he has worked his whole career for.  We have been so blessed!  The move to Montana from Idaho went well.  We found a house right away, and we love it here. 

These blessings came because our daughter chose to serve a mission.  It doesn’t mean everything has gone smoothly.  (Engine in suburban blows up on interstate right after interview in Montana!, Dog kennel where we boarded our dogs lost one of our dogs (but we found her after 5 days!) I do believe because of her example of faith to serve we were blessed in matters that we needed answers to.

Last family temple trip before her mission

As a missionary mom, I have learned that it is really hard being a missionary mom!!!!  In the church, we talk about how exciting it is for our kids to get their mission calls.  It is exciting!  We teach them and hope that they will have the desire to serve in the mission field.  We talk about missions from the time they are babies all the way until mission age.  But what we don’t talk about is how hard it is to let your child go to a new place and only have contact via email once a week and a Skype call on Christmas and Mother’s Day. The ache that is in my heart has been surprising.  I miss my daughter so much.

Called to serve

Yes, I know how much she is growing and learning.  Every week I love getting her emails as she is just shining with the gospel light, with the light of the Savior. She is on fire!

Yet, my eyes tear up when I hear a song about Daddy’s and their little girls, when anyone talks about missionaries.  I tear up just thinking about her.  I think there should be a 12 step program for missionary parents!!  LOL!  Even my husband who is a tough guy emotionally cant wait for her to come home! 

Sister Johnson is set apart

Until then we live for Email Mondays from our missionary.  We will support her and love her and pray for those who she is teaching. The work she is doing is priceless.  The work she is doing is what brought both her dad and myself into the church when we were both 18.  My husband and I are the only members in our respective families and both joined when we were 18yrs old (independently of each other, we met later).

My husband served a mission, and Bekah is the first of our children to serve. She is the oldest as well.  She is following the example set by her father and she is the example for her younger siblings.  This gospel is a blessing.  It has changed my family tree.  It has changed our lives.

Entering the MTC

I am grateful for this gospel. I am grateful to have found it when I did. I am grateful to be sealed to my sweetheart in the temple and to have children born under the covenant.  We have a living prophet on the earth today to lead and guide us.  The Book of Mormon is the word of God and is a choice book. This church, is true. This gospel, is true.  I’m thankful for all the experiences I have had that have led me to this knowledge.  I am thankful for my missionary who is serving and teaching others just like the missionaries who taught me.  She is helping them change their family tree as well.

Called to serve

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