Serving in Paradise--Papeete, Tahiti

The following story is from my sister-in-law:

Dear Sister,

I was a missionary in the Cook Islands District of the Papeete, Tahiti Mission in 1979-1980.  I felt I was sent to Paradise--sunny, warm days; sunny, warm people.  Just perfect!  Most days were fabulous - but as with the monsoon season, the "monsoon effect" sometimes dampened our spirits.  My companion and I were most always happy and cheerful, but on the hard, challenging days, we could have used a "lift-me-up" to remind us of the positive, happy things.  It would have been nice to have a little pocket journal on hand filled with gems of cheer to light our way on darker days. 

I will always cherish my mission memories stored away in the recesses of my mind--but you dear sister, have a real life "Happy Book."  Enjoy! 

With love,

Sister Thompson

Louisa mission

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