Sing Your Way Home

The first several weeks of my mission were a time of difficult adjustment for me. I was self-conscious about my lack of German speaking skills, and I didn’t feel bold enough to be a good missionary.  Both of these factors hindered my progress and my happiness. I felt very ineffective.  Then I was transferred to Frankfurt to work in the city. For one month, I was with Schwester D, who loved everyone and was simply my friend. She taught me how to order ice cream in German, introduced me to Nutella, and loved to sing. While we served together, I learned several Primary songs in German. One of our favorites was Sing Your Way Home, which we sang walking home from the bus stop in the warm summer evenings, in harmony, in German.  It was GOLDEN, y'all!

Sing your way home at the close of the day.

Sing your way home; drive the shadows away.

Smile every mile, for wherever you roam

It will brighten your road, it will lighten your load

If you sing your way home.  

Children’s Songbook, 193

Frankfurt U-bahn station

An U-bahn station in Frankfurt.  Our closest station was several minutes' walk from our apartment.  In the evenings, we emerged from our stop onto the street and walked home.  


View of Frankfurt

The view from our 6th floor apartment.  No elevator, no a/c, unpredictable hot water heater, and skylight for a window that we forgot to close once, and it rained on my bed.  Friendly neighbors and a rooftop view of Frankfurt.  

LOVED my time in Frankfurt!


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