Wanted: Mission Snapshots

Here at the Yellow Mailbox, we know no two missions are the same. While I was on my mission in the States, my nephew was serving in the Philippines. One week as I sat in an air conditioned Family History Center at the local stake center,  I got an email from my nephew.  In it, he described how during the past week, his area had been hit by a typhoon.  He and his companion had had to wade through waist deep water.  I looked around the quiet room and laughed at how different our mission experiences were. We ate different food, spoke different languages, had different challenges, but both of us wore the black name tag and both of us represented our Savior to the people we had been called to serve.

We want to collect and feature missions from all over the 🌎. What made where you served unique?  Did they have unique customs?  What did you do on preparation day?  What kinds of foods did you eat?  What holidays did they celebrate?  Each mission is unique!  Tell us about yours!  If you know someone who would like to feature where they served, just let us know!  Comment below or email us at maria@theyellowmailbox.com.

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