Whom God Calls, He Qualifies- Memories of a Family History Mission

Lin and her husband Augmond served as senior missionaries in the Family and Church History Headquarters Mission in Salt Lake City. In this post, she talks about overcoming a struggle with ADD and crippling anxiety through the loving support of other missionaries and learning to make her struggles her strengths. She relates some of her memories and the deep impact of serving a mission. 

The first month of my mission was one of pure joy, surrounded by such love. It was also a month of pure terror because I was called to be a trainer after only one week of training.

When I first learned that I was assigned to the Training Zone, I couldn't believe my ears. I had truly struggled to learn and retain the core training because I have ADD and I learn in different ways than most. As a child, I learned to compensate for this disability by writing everything down I want to learn, and then committing it to memory. But writing took time and there was so much to learn and such a little time to learn it.

I spent many sleepless and prayerful nights wondering how I would ever learn all that was expected of me. When I saw the level of expertise of the other trainers, I began to panic. How would I ever be able to train someone else when I just wasn't getting it? I went home each night exhausted, and then had to spend another 4 or 5 hours studying and reviewing what I had learned that day to retain it.

By the end of the second week, I was a basket case and broke down in tears of frustration. Two other sisters, Sister Christiansen and Sister Kuchar, saw my worry and came to my rescue. They told me they understood how I felt and would help me through it. Another missionary, Elder Kuchar, also came to my desk and assured me that he would not ask me to train until I was ready and that he would leave it to me to tell him. The whole zone knew I was struggling, and they were so loving and supportive. That made all the difference.

I went home that night and prayed fervently that God would make me equal to the task. A quote by Pres. Monson came to my mind:

"If any brother or sister feels unprepared-even incapable-of responding to a call to serve, to sacrifice, to bless the lives of others, remember this truth: Whom God calls, God Qualifies."

Within a few days, I realized that my mind was actually changing---I really was getting it and retaining it! Three weeks after I became a trainer, I trained my first student. 

Today I truly have a testimony that "Whom God Calls, God qualifies". It was a tremendous growth experience for me and one I will never forget.

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