Preparing for General Conference October 2018

Our leaves in Missouri are just starting to think about changing colors, and it's conference time. In the midst of an already busy week, I am preparing for General Conference by doing the following:

1. I gave the family room a quick declutter and vacuum. Now that there are only 3 of us at home, it doesn't get at much use as it used to. However, I want it to feel fresh and organized while we watch conference. I am more apt to feel the Spirit when my home is orderly.

2. I have prepped a simple menu for the weekend, including some favorites that are easy to prep and clean up.

Oct 2018 menu

I love food traditions. But I want to be present (less distracted) for General Conference this weekend, so I put a little more thought into a menu that we'll love, continues our traditions, and allows me to be attentive. I made my shopping run yesterday (and grabbed our M&Ms).

3. We've invited some friends to watch with us. We're hoping that they will come for the Sunday morning session, at least.

4.  I have been writing down my questions (along with my seminary class). We are looking forward to the answers that we will receive in General Conference. 

5.  I have my journal ready to record my impressions. 'Cause they're GREAT for missionary moms too!

How do you prepare for General Conference?  I'd love to hear from you!

All my best,